Is That Your Final Query?

SAQQARA chosen to provide e-catalog solutions

San Jose, CA  April 18, 2001  SAQQARA Systems Inc., a provider of product content software and services for B2B e-commerce, today announced that Avnet Electronics Marketing and Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. will implement a RosettaNet PIP2A9 automated query and response system employing SAQQARA RosettaNet e-catalog solutions. As a worldwide distributor of electronic components, Avnet will employ the RosettaNet-based SAQQARA Query Generator to pull information on Hitachi's technical product content using PIP2A9 standards during the RosettaNet Partners conference April 18-20 in Anaheim, Calif. Supported by Hitachi Semiconductor (America) and Avnet, the PIP2A9 project is expected to improve customer service by delivering accurate and timely component information during design cycles when time-to-information is critical.

As a RosettaNet board member, we understand the need to speed data exchange and the cost savings realized from server-to-server communications, comments Dave Cruse, vice president, E-Business, Avnet Electronics Marketing SAQQARA's PIP2A9 Query Generator will demonstrate the ability to deliver accurate and complete information to customers, enhancing their access to decision-making information. With decreasing product life cycles and increasing product complexity, the automated and immediate exchange of accurate product information is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

"We're very pleased with the implementation of RosettaNet's query system," said Tom Jeffery, chief content engineer at Hitachi Semiconductor (America). "We believe that the new automated query response system will significantly reduce the turnaround time for design engineers and buyers by offering accurate, up-to-date product information such as parameters and functional descriptions from the early stage of product designs.

SAQQARA solutions comply with RosettaNet Electronic Component Technical Dictionary (ECTD) and PIP2A9 Electronic Components Technical Information Exchange Protocol (ECTIEP) standards. The RosettaNet standards promote the effective exchange of information for B2B e-commerce by providing data that is accurate, detailed, and immediate. RosettaNet PIP2A9 also significantly increases supplier visibility. Every time a customer makes a RosettaNet-compliant query, the supplier's product is included in an automatic response.

RosettaNet PIP2A9 is a natural extension of the SAQQARA cataloging technology that enables companies to transform, manage and exchange information through e-commerce, says Jerry Hawk, vice president of engineering and chief technology officer of SAQQARA Systems. Having two industry leaders such as Avnet and Hitachi exchange PIP2A9 data validates the need for delivery of detailed, product differentiating content to buyers in a format and language that meets their information needs.