New Tool for Quotation Process

Avnet Electronics debuts Quote Manager; claims accelerated processes, reduced transaction costs

Phoenix — March 21, 2003 — Avnet Electronics Marketing, through an agreement with cost management solution provider Tradec, has introduced Quote Manager, a Web-based solution in its Promiere suite that Avnet said would accelerate the quotation process and reduce transaction costs.

According to the provider, Quote Manager formats, distributes and tracks requests for quotations (RFQs) to Avnet and other suppliers, as well as delivers analytical tools to aid the sourcing decision process.

Avnet added that Quote Manager is based on the same technology as Tradec Material Cost Management System, a system adopted by EMS providers and OEMs to manage the cost of direct materials. However, delivered on a subscription basis and hosted, Quote Manager is packaged to allow small- and medium-sized companies to leverage similar technology at a lower cost of entry.

"We have seen our mid-tier customers in both the OEM and EMS spaces struggle mightily with the quoting process," said Greg Frazier, executive vice president of Avnet Supply Chain Services. "Right now they rely on e-mail and spreadsheets to keep their quote processes in operation. Quote Manager has a centralized and virtual process for quotation development, facilitation and analysis, closing the loop by leveraging past information to improve future results."

Under the agreement, Avnet will market and sell Quote Manager through Promiere. Tradec will operate and maintain the hosted system, providing the third-party neutrality necessary to enable all suppliers to participate.