Avnet Enterprise Solutions Launches Technology Consolidation Center

Announces new methods for lowering IT costs

Announces new methods for lowering IT costs

Tempe, AZ — August 11, 2003 — Avnet Enterprise Solutions, an IT solutions integrator, has opened its Technology Consolidation Center (TCC), which is designed to compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) and business impact of planned IT infrastructure consolidation projects for enterprise organizations.

Avnet said its IT Financial Assessment Methodology (ITFAM) adds to conventional models, such as the Brigham-Gapenski methodology, to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) financial metrics for IT replacement projects. ITFAM uses actual client-provided financial data gathered from interviews with business, IT and finance departments as the core information from which to make its recommendations, instead of relying solely on industry trends and consultants' projections.

Avnet also said the TCC analyzes the business requirements, value, risk and TCO of consolidation and migration alternatives and makes specific recommendations in the form of two major reports to the client: a Consolidation Impact Report and a Business Value Assessment.

According to Jim Teter, president of Avnet Enterprise Solutions, "Any major IT project should be preceded with a good dose of analysis. Our Consolidation Impact Report answers two critical questions facing every customer: 'Should I buy,' and 'What is the best approach?'" He added that the report compares the TCO of existing storage and server infrastructures and the costs of a replacement solution.

The Business Value Assessment examines three high-level contributors to the business value of a proposed consolidation solution — operational cost savings from moves such as staff efficiencies and improved hardware utilization schemes; incremental revenue gains from increased system availability; and greater productivity from faster application deployment and system flexibility.

Teter said, "Our clients have been asking us to help them lower costs, improve service levels, and increase system flexibility and agility. The Technology Consolidation Center was created to fulfill this = demand and help maintain our focus on working with customers to minimize risk and maximize the flexibility of their IT investments."