Alloy Selected by Valvoline to Enable Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Valvoline has selected to implement Alloy's enterprise supply chain solution.

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Valvoline, a supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, has selected to implement Alloy's enterprise supply chain solution.

“Valvoline’s supply chain strategy is to become more and more forward-looking, proactively aligning inventory to future demand, instead of simply reactive to customer orders,” said Craig Moughler, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Valvoline. “Alloy will be a cornerstone of that strategy because it can project where problems are most likely to occur in the future, at a granular level. Too much of the current reporting washes out the details and hides problems.”

The announcement comes after Alloy proved to Valvoline that its platform can successfully replace legacy tools - providing substantially better visibility, reporting, analytics and swiftly scale the capability across retailers and Valvoline Instant Oil Change Centers. The company will also enable Valvoline to strengthen its retail partnerships through:

  • Connecting daily consumer demand with Valvoline's supply chain network data
  • Accurately identifying phantom inventory to prevent ongoing lost sales
  • Enhancing market-level analysis and best practice sharing across account teams

“Sophisticated supply chains, like Valvoline’s, have traditionally been under-served by available solutions,” said Joel Beal, CEO, Alloy. “By taking an integrated, demand-driven approach to modeling inventory throughout the supply chain network, from production to retail, Alloy is enabling teams to increase efficiency and improve margins in an unpredictable consumer environment.”