Stanley Uses Auctions for Obsolete and Discontinued Inventory Sales Program

Tool company taps Liquidity Services, Inc. to liquidate goods using online marketplace

Tool company taps Liquidity Services, Inc. to liquidate goods using online marketplace

Washington, DC —- September 29, 2005 — Tool company The Stanley Works has tapped Liquidity Services, Inc. (LSI) for a solution that optimizes the sale and rate of return on obsolete and discontinued inventory by remarketing this inventory through online auctions on LSI's marketplace,

Since establishing the relationship in January 2005, LSI said it has conducted more than 260 bulk auctions for Stanley products. Items auctioned include Stanley hand and power tools, Stanley Bostitch products and more.

By working with LSI and to remarket and sell its obsolete and discontinued products, Stanley has realized higher returns, faster turnaround and efficiencies in the reverse supply chain, according to Joseph Scarpantonio, manager for inventory liquidations, and Kristin Waltz, inventory exit coordinator at Stanley.

"Stanley has used many traditional liquidation methods and various online channels for discontinued and obsolete products, and LSI has proven to be a superior solution and consistently provides incomparable value throughout the entire process," Waltz said.

Stanley Authorized auctions for professional, industrial and consumer tools can be found on by searching for auctions under username Stanleydirect.

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