Port Jersey Logistics To Launch LTL Freight Consolidation To New England

Service offers lower costs, reduced transit times through a streamlined shipping process.

Monroe Township, NJ: Port Jersey Logistics is launching a less-than-truckload (LTL) freight consolidation/pool distribution program to New England through its Continental Logistics division.

Starting in early July, the company will offer scheduled departures from its distribution warehouse in Tyler, NJ, to all points in New England. The service offers more efficiency and less cost for consignees, whose orders can travel north together before being separated and delivered independently. Additional regions will be added throughout the year, with a goal of providing a national consolidation program by early 2012.

Freight consolidation – which combines separate LTL shipment orders with similar routes – can be a highly effective means of managing supply chains. Without it, smaller deliveries can add up to higher per-pound costs and, often, additional handling fees. As most companies do not have the resources or the customer base to allow for an effective consolidation solution, the new service makes Port Jersey Logistics stand out among competitors.

Pool distribution is the delivery of orders to numerous destination points within a particular geographic area. Consolidated orders are shipped together to a regional terminal, where the shipment – known as a linehaul – is separated, resorted based on like destinations, and reloaded onto local delivery trucks.

Pool distribution can save customers significant cost compared to direct LTL shipping. Other benefits include reduced transit times, reduced claim potential due to less overall handling, and maintained shipment and temperature integrity.

“Freight consolidation and pool distribution is a highly attractive service for customers because, simply put, streamlined shipping saves money,” says Robert Russo, president of Port Jersey Logistics. “However, to make this shipping method economically viable to offer, a company must have regular LTL deliveries to a particular region from a steady flow of customers. That said, we view this new service as testament to the health of Port Jersey Logistics. This is a product of our strength as a company.”