Mission Foods Contracts TZA For Performance Improvement Program

Tortilla maker deploying complete TZA labor management system at dozens of U.S. sites.

Irving, TX and Long Grove, IL: Gruma Corporation dba Mission Foods, producer of nearly one-quarter of the tortillas sold globally and TZA, a leading supply chain consulting and labor management software firm, announced they have entered into a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to implement a complete TZA labor management and performance improvement program across Mission Foods’ network of U.S. distribution centers.

TZA has helped more than 300 companies in 25 industries by applying technology, engineered labor standards and engineering services including a professional change management team. The company teams with clients to implement methods to improve distribution center productivity, thus saving millions through lower supply chain costs.

At Mission Foods, TZA will implement its full TZA labor management program incorporating standard operating procedures and engineered standards, TZA’s ProTrack Warehouse Labor Management System, training and a change management plan along with performance support. The TZA labor management program focuses on managers and employees at 18 Mission Foods locations. TZA will deploy its ProTrack Warehouse software at more than 30 Mission Foods sites overall.

According to Robert Grant, vice president of supply chain at Mission Foods, “by utilizing TZA’s three-tiered approach of engineered labor standards, technology via ProTrack and personnel training and certification, Mission Foods will be better equipped to improve warehouse productivity and reduce supply chain costs.”

Commenting on the TZA software application and other aspects of the program, Paul Schweet, senior vice president sales and marketing at TZA, says Mission Foods “is highly focused on applying TZA’s labor management and lean best practices programs to achieve productivity gains. ProTrack Warehouse will give Mission Foods’ distribution center managers the ability to automate dynamic labor planning.”

Schweet adds the software “easily integrates with Mission Foods’ existing warehouse management system. Moreover, use of TZA’s executive dashboard to monitor progress will help ensure key performance indicators are being achieved. We’re proud to be asked to serve the company’s needs with this full TZA solution.”

ProTrack Warehouse, a state-of-the-art labor management tool, calculates multi-variable discreet standards, offers a labor planning and forecasting module, tracks and reports errors by type and by individual, and provides alerts for out-of-tolerance performance. The application also calculates incentive pay based on multiple factors and time frames, automatically manages discipline policies and recognizes employees for their performance achievements. Additionally, managers are provided with dynamic ad hoc reporting which gauges operational performance at any level.