Chiquita Selects PAR Logistics Management Systems For Cold Chain Control

Real-time product monitoring and control system deployed throughout its refrigerated fleet.

New Hartford, NY: Chiquita announced it has selected PAR Logistics Management Systems (PAR LMS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corp., to provide real-time product monitoring and control for their private fleet of refrigerated trailers. PAR’s solution will provide real-time product temperature monitoring on a continual basis during transit and provide immediate alerts to Chiquita’s fleet operations of any variances in the product temperature.

“Incorporation of real-time monitoring and visibility into our refrigerated loads to protect our product freshness is a targeted enhancement to our delivery network,” said Tom Shepherd, vice president of transportation for Chiquita Express. ”PAR provides the real-time level of control that we need to create an intelligent cold chain capability with real-time alerts and control of the product temperature.”

The PAR system generates the information needed to monitor and control refrigerated trailer temperatures, react and respond to alarms, and optimize logistics and management of cold chain assets and resources. Customized reporting provides users with alerts and alarms on variances to refrigerated trailer temperatures, operability, low fuel, abnormal/excessive fuel consumption, and excessive dwell time. If cold chain requirements call for temperature monitoring at the product level, PAR provides an independent hard-wired product temperature probe to monitor and report every 15 minutes.

“Our cold chain management system met Chiquita’s stringent requirements for real-time temperature monitoring of their products with the ability to remotely control the refrigerated trailers when necessary,” said John Sammon III, president, PAR LMS. “We are pleased to add the Chiquita brand to our growing number of quality customers in the ‘cold chain’ marketplace.”