Huhtamaki Turns To Logility To Manage Demand Management, Inventory Planning

Helps wrap up supply chain for foodservice container manufacturer.

Atlanta: Huhtamaki, Inc. has deployed Logility Inc.’s Logility Voyager Solutions to transform the company’s forecasting, inventory management and supply chain processes across North American retail, foodservice and consumer goods operations.

Huhtamaki manages a complex supply chain of several brands across multiple vertical industries each with distinct processes and requirements. In its search for a new solution, Huhtamaki focused on improving its ability to easily and systematically identify out-of-tolerance forecasts. The company also looked to deploy advanced inventory planning tools that set time-phased safety stock levels and inventory targets, allowing them to profitably match inventory investments with projected customer demand.

“Since 1920, Huhtamaki has been a part of everyday life and our customers expect the highest quality products,” said Shawn Reckrodt, director of supply chain planning, Huhtamaki. “Logility Voyager Solutions enables us to more accurately predict demand and strategically plan inventory investments, production and product life cycles to achieve our corporate objectives for driving down supply chain costs and more profitably aligning inventory with customer demand. The deployment success is a credit not only to our own internal Supply Chain team that worked diligently to design a solution that would maximize our results, but also to the Logility team and their proven implementation methodology which lead to a smooth rollout and great knowledge transfer.”

Logility Voyager Solutions provides Huhtamaki with streamlined supply chain planning and the ability to accurately and cost-effectively align inventory investments. Important to Huhtamaki is Voyager Solutions’ built-in performance management capabilities which drive alerts to users and ensure increased efficiency across supply chain operations. Improved precision also enables employees to focus less on tactical data collection and more on strategic activities that align with the company’s goals of providing great customer service.

“Huhtamaki’s broad product portfolio and diverse customer base creates complexity throughout their operations,” said Mike Edenfield, president and CEO, Logility. “Logility Voyager Solutions provides increased visibility over complex supply chain networks to help companies increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service levels. We look forward to working with Huhtamaki to support their goals and deliver unrivaled products and reliable service to their customers.”