New Aldata Apollo V.11 Cuts Planogram Revision Times Up To 50 Percent

Manufacturers and retailers can react faster to customer demand.

Atlanta: Aldata Solution has announced availability of a new, enhanced version of its Apollo Space Optimization software specifically designed to accelerate how retailers add, remove and change the mix and layout of products in supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail locations reducing delays by up to 50 percent.

Apollo Designer Workstation version 11 automates the process of introducing individual items at the retail level while minimizing shelf disruptions. As a result, the time required to add and remove products is reduced, helping increase overall efficiency by decreasing the amount of time required to implement changes.

“The new version of Apollo Designer Workstation will reduce the amount of time needed to revise planograms by almost half,” says Richard White, category analyst, Flowers Food. “I’ve already used the beta version on several occasions and liked the way it added, swapped and deleted products across more than 130 planograms. This easy-to-use tool will boost overall productivity and enable us to easily update multiple planograms.”

Apollo Designer Workstation version 11 meets the continued rise in demand for automated planograms to enhance and monetize the shopping experience. Aldata’s continued investment in both new features and the underlying architecture explain why it is the acknowledged best-of-breed leader in retail space optimization.

“We rely on Aldata Apollo to help us work closely with retailers and manufacturers to create a unique shopping experience for consumers,” says Jim Hanson, vice president, Space Technology Services, Acosta. “The Designer Workstation’s new maintenance features should make it easier to integrate new products on the shelf. This will help us react more quickly to the constantly changing demands of today’s consumer.”

“Space optimization is increasingly becoming a strategic differentiator for our customers, and our technology is a solution that delivers the results they need,” says Shaun Bossons, senior vice president of Aldata Apollo. “Version 11 now delivers those results even faster than before.”

Aldata’s Apollo Space Optimization is a collection of powerful, easy-to-use tools that automate planogram production while enabling consistent, accurate execution of category plans and new product launches at any level of granularity required. Available as a full suite or as powerful stand-alone products, Apollo Space Optimization includes manual and automated space planning, database management, web distribution and analytic reporting tools.