Dot Foods Revamps Email Effort With Real-Time Order Confirmations

Food redistributor sees email open rates increase 27 percent in 12 months.

Indianapolis: Dot Foods, the nation’s largest food redistributor, boosted email open rates 27 percent in 12 months with a revamped email marketing campaign featuring real-time email order confirmations and unique email content for each customer.

The Illinois-headquartered company, which sells and delivers food products from manufacturers to distributors across the country, relies on ExactTarget to power the expanded program, streamlining the company’s online ordering and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Email marketing allows us to stay engaged with our customers, drive repeat purchases and offer unique content by highly-segmenting our subscriber lists,” says Bri Shaw, eBusiness project manager at Dot Foods. “ExactTarget provides a solution that allows us to easily create targeted, relevant messages without relying on our IT team.”

Dot Foods emails feature unique content based on the department and geographic location of each buyer that subscribes. Through an integration with ExactTarget and Dot Foods’ online ordering platform, the company also sends customers triggered email order confirmations, streamlining the ordering process and providing real-time order status updates.

The move to offering more relevant emails based on customer characteristics and restructuring the order confirmation process decreased subscriber complaints of “too many emails” and a significantly increased business efficiency, Shaw says.

“Whether you’re a B-to-B or B-to-C marketer, the key to effective interactive marketing is highly relevant and timely content,” says Tim Kopp, ExactTarget’s chief marketing officer. “The results Dot Foods has achieved with ExactTarget’s email marketing and real-time messaging underscores the power of great content delivered at exactly the right time.”