Swiss Valley Farms Deploys Logility To Improve Forecasting And Expand Into International Markets

Logility Voyager Solutions to help midwest dairy co-op enhance customer service through more accurate planning.

Atlanta: Logility Inc. has announced Swiss Valley Farms, a four state dairy cooperative with 1,000 members and annual sales in excess of $300 million, has deployed Logility Voyager Solutions to improve forecast accuracy and help the company expand into new international markets.

Logility Voyager Solutions helps drive efficient sourcing and production by automating the complex process of predicting market demand.

Davenport, IA-based Swiss Valley Farms, founded in 1958, has relied on manual Excel-based forecasting to develop production schedules, sales and marketing efforts, and provide executive-level reports. This process slowed the company’s ability to expand into new markets such as Asia and South America, two burgeoning regions for dairy products. Voyager Solutions will automate the forecasting process and enable Swiss Valley Farms to produce and distribute its quality dairy products in new international markets such as China.

“We pride ourselves on providing premium specialty cheeses suited to the unique needs of our customers,” says Jeff Saforek, vice president of sales and marketing, Swiss Valley Farms. “Logility Voyager Solutions will help us deliver on this promise as we grow Swiss Valley Farms and expand into new markets. In addition, we can now be more proactive in our planning and tightly align our product forecasts with our business plan to make our supply chain a key strategic asset to the company.”

Voyager Solutions provides quick access to reports and metrics that allow companies like Swiss Valley Farms to generate and track forecasts for multiple business needs including sales, marketing, logistics, and financials. In addition, moving away from Excel-based spreadsheets to the intuitive Voyager Solutions suite minimizes the potential for data entry and re-entry errors and boosts analytical insight.

“Swiss Valley Farms is a top-quality dairy producer with an opportunity to expand into high-growth markets such as Asia and South America,” says Mike Edenfield, president and CEO, Logility. “Logility Voyager Solutions is the ideal supply chain application suite to enable them to take advantage of new opportunities. Additionally, it will help drive a strategic supply chain that provides the foundation for Swiss Valley Farms continued success.”

Recognized industry-wide for its rapid implementation, quick ROI, ease-of-use, and ability to solve complex problems, Logility Voyager Solutions is a comprehensive supply chain solution suite which features performance monitoring capabilities to increase supply chain visibility and boost performance in key areas including demand, inventory and replenishment planning, sales and operations planning (S&OP), manufacturing planning and scheduling, supply and inventory optimization, transportation planning and management, and warehouse management.