Qualcomm And ALK Technologies Announce CoPilot Truck On-Board Navigation Solution For Qualcomm Users

Combines PC*MILER routing with on-board navigation for cost effective, fast and customizable offering .

San Diego, CA: Qualcomm Inc. and ALKTechnologies have announced that ALK’s CoPilot Truck on-board, truck-specific GPS navigation solution will be available to Qualcomm customers.

CoPilot Truck will be the standard navigation application on Qualcomm’s new Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50) and will be one of the navigation options available to fleets with the Mobile Computing Platform 110 (MCP110) and Mobile Computing Platform 200 (MCP200).

CoPilot Truck uses street-level ALK Digital Maps of the U.S. and Canada, which are enhanced with PC*MILER truck-specific attributes, to help cost-effectively reduce fuel expense and out-of-route mileage.

CoPilot Truck provides drivers with optimal, truck-legal routes based on their vehicle profile information, routing parameters and load-specific information, including hazmat categories. It also offers an easy-to-use, intuitive driver interface with spoken turn-by-turn directions and extensive customization options.

Benefits available to Qualcomm customers include:

  • Safe, accurate and truck-legal turn-by-turn navigation;
  • Automatic avoidance of truck-restricted routes using customizable vehicle profiles that specify vehicle height, length, width and cargo type (including hazardous materials);
  • Route categories including Practical, Shortest, National Network, 53’ Trailer and Toll Avoidance;
  • Load-specific routing with 30 hazmat road classes and categories;
  • Clearly displayed route restrictions with recognizable warning symbols;
  • Driver alerts about upcoming hazards, visual and spoken in-route alerts and instant detour options;
  • Millions of Points-of-Interest, including truck-specific categories like truck services, truck stops, rest areas, CAT scales and weigh stations; and
  • Operational consistency with PC*MILER customers’ driver pay, rating, billing and fuel tax reporting practices.

“We are pleased to be offering ALK’s highly customizable and cost-effective, in-cab navigation application for our customers,” says Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “By collaborating with leading providers of best-in-class technologies, we can offer our customers the most valuable and comprehensive fleet management solutions in the industry.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Qualcomm to bring CoPilot Truck to its substantial customer base,” says Michael Kornhauser, managing director of CoPilot Solutions at ALK Technologies. “By combining Qualcomm’s powerful Mobile Computing Platform Series with our proven truck-specific navigation technology, fleets can dramatically improve operational efficiency and achieve significant productivity gains.”