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Solana Beach, California 92075

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Freight moves better, together. Make the switch to shared truckload for faster, safer, cheaper, and greener service.

Flock Freight offers guaranteed shared truckload service: A freight mode that enables several shippers to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload. By moving shared truckload, shippers receive direct service, skipping all hubs and terminals. With this direct service comes cost savings, since shippers only pay for the deck space they need.

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Years in business:5
Number of employees:80
Geographic sales distribution:USA
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Book FlockDirect for guaranteed shared truckload service.

240 S Cedros Ave
Suite 200
Solana Beach, California 92075
United States

Through shared truckload shipping, Flock Freight sets a higher standard of service in an industry that’s plagued by inefficiency. Our proprietary technology combines shipments that are moving in the same direction onto a single multi-stop truckload. By moving freight shared truckload, we reduce transit times, damage, and costs for shippers across America. We also reduce nearly 40% of their carbon emissions by eliminating wasted truck space and unnecessary terminals.

To learn more, visit www.flockfreight.com.

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