Schwan’s Delivery Fleet Receives Green Makeover

The company’s propane-powered fleet of 6,000 trucks will be painted green to represent the earth-friendly fuel it uses.

Marshall, MI: Many Americans have come to know and recognize the big yellow Schwan’s truck, but few are aware that it’s actually green. Schwan’s Home Service, a direct-to-home food delivery business with a large propane fleet, has given those yellow trucks a makeover, making them more recognizable with brighter coloring and bigger logos.

Something else that’s green and provides food for thought: Almost 90 percent of Schwan’s 6,000 trucks run on propane, a cleaner-burning fuel that results in fewer engine emission contaminants. These trucks are also roughly 6,000 pounds lighter, resulting in increased fuel economy. Along with being more fuel-efficient, the trucks are also quieter and safer to operate.

“We are very excited to continue our tradition of propane-fueled trucks in a sleek, new model,” says Scott McNair, president of The Schwan Food Company. “While our customers are sure to recognize the outside of our trucks, it is important that they know that inside there is a fuel-efficient machine that is safer for our environment.”

Company founder Marvin Schwan began using propane in his trucks in the early 1970s in response to oil embargoes. The investment has not only been efficient and better for the environment, but also economical, as the company has saved millions of dollars since the 1970s. The new trucks’ fuel tanks are painted green in honor of its propane use.