eBook: Your Guide to Shipping Produce

How can you ensure your produce shipment is safe across the journey from your farm or facility to point of sale during the busy season? We explore this question in this eBook and provide tips on handling your fresh and frozen supply chain.

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Tb Truck With ProduceThere is a growing consumer demand for fresh, locally sourced foods driving the industry forward. On the frontline of this trend is the awareness around the impact of nutrition on an individual’s health as well as the environmental impacts of shopping preferences.

These trends require a higher level of expertise and care when it comes to shipping food products such as fresh produce and agricultural products. With this type of cargo, specifically fresh and frozen items, you must consider a number of key factors as they are transported by ocean, rail, truck, or air — and generally a combination thereof — on its way to the end consumer.

On average, half the shelf life of produce is spent in transit and across the industry. If your shipment doesn’t make it on time and intact, it’s worthless. Missteps or mishandled cargo in cold chain logistics can translate directly to lost revenue, wastage, and empty grocery store shelves.

This eBook provides a guide for shippers want to avoid loss and optimize their supply chain ensure peak freshness of their product when it reaches their final customer.