Railinc Implements Wheelsets Tracking System

Cary, NC: Railinc Corp. introduces the first phase of the Comprehensive Equipment Performance Monitoring program (CEPM)—CEPM-Wheelsets—was implemented successfully in mid-January.

The new component tracking capabilities of CEPM-Wheelsets give rail carriers, equipment owners, wheel shops and repair shops visibility into the health status and history of wheelsets. This ability to capture and view component-level data around wheelset applications and repairs will enable more effective recall management, improved maintenance planning and more-informed decision making.

"CEPM-Wheelsets represents the collective effort of the freight-rail industry to develop tools and processes to support the tracking and recall of wheelsets," said Allen West, Railinc CEO and president. "While this implementation is a significant achievement, it is only a first step in a transformative program that will deliver value across the industry."

Rail industry rules will require all original equipment manufacturers to provide wheel, axle and bearing data to wheel shops beginning in April, 2012. Requirements for wheel shops and repair shops are staggered through 2012 and into 2013 to provide adequate time to integrate wheelset tracking with current operations. Railinc will continue to provide outreach and educational opportunities to help industry participants meet requirements associated with CEPM-Wheelsets.

Railinc developed CEPM-Wheelsets under the guidance of the Advanced Technology Safety Initiative and the Wheels, Axles, Bearings and Lubrication Committee of the Association of American Railroads. Throughout 2011, Railinc worked to prepare the industry for implementation, conducting training events, making presentations and sending more than 10,000 individual communications.