Werner Enterprises Implements Trucker Tools’ Driver-Focused Platform

The adoption of the Trucker Tools platform aligns with Werner’s commitment to technology and innovation.

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Werner Enterprises deployed Trucker Tools’ driver-focused platform into its freight brokerage operations for real-time shipment visibility, predictive freight-matching, automated booking and electronic document capture.

The engagement with Trucker Tools is part of a strategic game plan to improve process efficiency, gain access to a deeper pool of independent truckload capacity and position itself as the broker of choice for the nation’s for-hire truckload operators and small fleets.

On a larger scale, the adoption of the Trucker Tools platform aligns with Werner’s commitment to technology and innovation, housed under its Werner EDGE initiative. As part of this initiative, Werner pledges to deploy technology-rich solutions for the entire ecosystem, including carriers, noted Andy Damkroger, Werner’s Associate Vice President of Logistics Strategy.

“Supply chain visibility is critically important, particularly in these unprecedented times, and that visibility is enabled by being highly connected with alliance carriers,” Damkroger said. “Trucker Tools is very focused on driver and carrier convenience, bringing to independent truckers a set of app-based features and functions not typically available from a single 3PL. We believe the combination of Werner’s in-house capabilities with Trucker Tools provides a unique, advantageous benefit to our carrier partners and customers.”

Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Trucker Tools, noted that its real-time visibility platform is 100% GPS-based and provides precise shipment location information on-demand, to a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. It’s integrated with the Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app and provides automated, continual updates of truck location and a visual display of the route from origin to destination. Truck locations are updated every five minutes using the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smart phone. 

“We are pleased and excited to welcome one of the industry’s leading transportation firms to the Trucker Tools family,” he noted. “We look forward to helping them reduce the costs of covering loads, improve carrier engagement and deliver more accurate and timely services and information to their customers.”