Trimble Introduces Visual Cargo Solution in India to Manage On-Road Supply Chain Logistics

Sunnyvale, CA: Trimble introduced a new cloud-based solution that provides on-road supply chain visibility to enhance efficiency for the transport and logistics industry in India--Trimble trako Visual Cargo.

With standard, easy-to-use application process interfaces (API), shippers can seamlessly integrate Visual Cargo with its ERP/TMS system and vehicle location data from the Trimble trako Fleet Management solution to provide trip-based tracking of goods, transit schedule, route and safety compliance.

Visual Cargo is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based software solution that provides on-demand visibility--from loading to delivery location--of cargo vehicles using Trimble GPS devices. It is a single, common platform for supply chain stake holders, which include consigners, consignees, transporters and vehicle owners, to track and manage the movement of goods in transit.

"Our market research and customer feedback within the Asia Pacific markets indicates that shippers and manufacturers are in critical need of an integrated on-road visibility tool. Visual Cargo enables real-time visibility of their goods in transit to ensure on-time delivery, improve turnaround time and enhance safety compliance," said Ron Konezny, general manager of Trimble's Transport & Logistics Division.

The power of Trimble's Visual Cargo solution allows large enterprises to track outbound cargo deliveries by viewing schedules with respect to defined routes. Its logistics dashboards are specifically designed to provide real-time status of goods in transit such as on-trip, delayed, stationary, off-route or nearing destination. This allows dispatchers, logistics managers, warehouse managers, sales and marketing managers and other stake holders in the supply chain to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service.

In addition, Visual Cargo includes a unique trip performance measurement (KPI) tool to deliver carrier and driver performance ratings. The tool not only helps dispatchers to evaluate the performance of each contracted carrier/driver but also helps the enterprise to analyze its logistics network.

"The transportation and logistics market in India is very complex with fragmented ownership of vehicles. Shippers are dependent on multiple transporters and vehicle owners to deliver goods. This complexity triggered us to tailor an enterprise solution for shippers where we offer GPS-based fleet management combined with Visual Cargo solution to transporters/vehicle owners. Its innovative access control mechanism offers trip-based visibility, alerting and reporting to relevant stake holders in the supply chain," said Rajan Aiyer, Trimble's managing director for India. "Leading enterprise customers with nationwide transportation & logistics operations in industries such as auto manufacturing, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), hazardous materials and courier services have successfully implemented our solution and derived significant operational efficiencies."

The Trimble trako Visual Cargo solution includes:

  • Trip-based GPS tracking of cargo, transit schedule, route and safety compliance
  • Logistics operational dashboards to provide vehicle status alerts such as en route stoppage, delayed, off route, delivery and safety adherence
  • Real-time Expected Time of Delivery (ETD) prediction
  • Trip performance rating index of the carrier and/or driver Multi-level, role-based access to consigners, consignees, transporters and other stake holders
  • Vehicle availability tool for load planning
  • Dynamically generated route engine and route compliance alert system

The Trimble trako Visual Cargo solution and its optional Web service components are available to existing Trimble trako fleet management customers in India market. For more information visit: or contact: