Narrow-Aisle Monolift Mast Truck

Crown Equipment Corporation added a MonoLift mast model to its RM 6000 Series of narrow aisle reach trucks. It has a 42-inch wide chassis and can reach 400 inches while delivering up to 1,000 pounds more capacity at full height. The RM Series is designed with a boxed-in cross section mast to reduce twisting and flexing associated with dual, upright, conventional masts.

The MonoLift mast is offset seven inches to the left of the operator, allowing maximum visibility at height, eye and ground levels. It also reduces cylinder damage when working in tunnels, conveyors and drive-in rack applications. The RM 6000 mast design uses one fewer cylinder than conventional mast trucks and protects the cylinders by locating them near the center of the truck. This minimizes contact with racking by more than 50 percent.

The Vision System includes the Laser Fork Guide option and a camera option. The Laser Fork Guide mounts on the fork carriage projecting a red laser line at the fork level, allowing operators to easily guide the forks into the pallet. For an elevated view of the pallet location, Crown's camera with color monitor aids operators with pallet placement and rack identification at height.