USDA Certifies New Cold Chain Tech At South Florida Logistics Center

First-of-its-kind, eco-friendly process extends the shelf-life of perishables arriving through South Florida.

Flagler Global Logistics, formerly South Florida Logistics Services, announced this week that its South Florida Logistics Center has received United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approval for a revolutionary treatment process for fruits, vegetables and other perishable items. The new technology allows for better management of the "cold chain" to extend produce shelf life and quality, while the Miami-based entry point of the South Florida Logistics Center decreases the amount of time the products are in transport.

Industry reports cite nearly $35 billion of perishable foods are wasted annually, with nearly half of those losses due to temperature changes experienced in-transit between the grower and the grocer. Flagler Global Logistics' new USDA-approved treatment process stabilizes the cold chain integrity by exposing fruits and vegetables to a more uniform temperature, vastly improving the quality of the products. Additionally, the new treatment's filtration system makes the process more environmentally friendly.

"This new technology is a game changer for exporters looking to bring their produce to supermarket shelves in the United States," said Chris Scott, President and CEO of Flagler Global Logistics. "With this cold chain infrastructure in place at the South Florida Logistics Center, our partners have a new gateway to the Southeast that allows them to get their product to market more quickly-adding at least a week or more to the product's shelf life. It's a true competitive advantage, aiding our economy's growth while saving exporters and grocers time and money."

The South Florida Logistics Center officially opened for business in October 2013. Located adjacent to the Miami International Airport, the 200-acre intermodal logistics complex offers world-class cargo handling including unprecedented multimodal transportation access, Foreign Trade Zone advantages and refrigerated cargo options.

The Logistic Center's first building, a 170,000-square-foot facility, is now fully operational including 60,000 square feet of refrigerated space.

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