Langdon Buys Eurocentral Warehouse To Expand Cold Storage

Work has already started on converting the interior to temperature controlled, with a frozen chamber and chilled cross-docking area able to handle in excess of 500 pallets per hour.

Langdon Industries, part of Germany-headquartered Nagel-Group, recently announced the purchase of a warehouse at Eurocentral in Scotland for £3.1 million to meet the demand of its cold storage business. The company bought the 82,509 sq ft cross-docked distribution warehouse and two-story offices, as part of its expansion plans having outgrown its current premises in Glasgow.

Work has started on converting the interior of the warehouse to temperature controlled. A frozen chamber will include all pallet access for up to 1500 pallets and the chilled cross docking area will be able to handle in excess of 500 pallets per hour. Other works include removing some of the 41 loading bays currently in position.

Langdon’s General Manager Scotland Malcolm Wilde said he believes that the total investment of around £5.5 million demonstrates the company’s on-going commitment to the food industry in Scotland.

The facility also features a separate vehicle repair workshop, yard and extensive parking, within a secure site of 10.22 acres

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