China Taking Steps to Improve Cold Chain Infrastructure

China's storage and preservation technology of farm products has been developing rapidly over the past decade. The development environment and conditions of farm products cold chain logistics keep improving. In recent years particularly, the construction and planned construction of 100,000-ton cold storages have led China's cold chain logistics into a new stage of prosperity.

Currently, China is still missing a large-scale and systemized cold chain logistics system. There is still a great distance from being able to meet the demands of modern agriculture development, resident consumption, and expansion of agricultural products export.

The proportion of transporting fresh and live farm products through the cold chain is rather low; the infrastructure capacity of cold chain logistics is acutely inadequate; promotion of cold chain logistics technologies lags significantly behind; the development level of third-party cold chain logistics companies is low; laws and regulations system as well as standard system regarding cold chain logistics are incomplete; R&D investment and scientific innovations in cold chain logistics is rather inadequate; and there is a dramatic lack of talents that are knowledgeable about cold chain logistics technology.

In order to promote the development of the cold chain logistics of farm products, the National Reform and Development Commission has promulgated the Development Plan for the Cold Chain Logistics of Farm Products, bringing forward the development goals during the 12th Five-year Plan.

These goals include: by the year 2015, to:

  • Establish a group of cross-region cold chain logistics distribution centers that have high efficiency, large scales, and new technologies,
  • Extensively promote core technologies of cold chain logistics,
  • Foster a group of key cold chain logistics enterprises that have strong resources integration capacity and high international competitiveness,
  • Establish a farm products cold chain logistics service system that has a reasonable layout and advanced facilities, integrates the upstream and downstream.

The farm products cold chain logistics industry has entered a stage of prosperity. Thanks to the country's industrial structure adjustment and upgrade and the government's concern about people's livelihood, cold chain logistics is about to enter a phase of unprecedentedly fast development.

The development of the cold chain logistics industry will benefit agriculture, cold chain logistics equipments manufacturers, third-party cold chain logistics service enterprises, universities and research institutes, farm products logistics and processing companies, the packaging industry, and consumers.


Source: China Economic Net