Henningsen Cold Storage Co. Facility Installs Solar Nation’s 200 kW Solar-Electric System

The new system will keep 158 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Portland, OR: Henningsen Cold Storage Co. announces it has installed a Solar Nation 200kW solar-electric system at its Portland, OR location to reduce and stabilize energy costs and to follow through on its long-standing commitment to protecting the environment.

The Henningsen Cold Storage Co. installation includes 1,386 thin-film solar panels, manufactured in the United States by UNI-SOLAR, covering 32,479 square feet of preexisting roof space. This system will supply approximately 20 percent of the electrical energy needs for the 145,000-square-foot, facility.

It is estimated that over its 25-year warranted life, the Henningsen Cold Storage Co. solar-energy system will keep 158 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to driving an automobile over 5,053,740 miles or the annual CO2 offset of over 158,687 trees.

“Due to the nature of cold storage facilities, installing a solar-electric system on our rooftop was complicated, requiring special engineering, permitting, incentive applications, and inspections. Solar Nation handled the complicated issues on our behalf, simplifying the entire process and allowing us to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity without disrupting our daily operations,” says Paul Henningsen, VP of corporate development and engineering of Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

“Henningsen has proven its commitment to environmental stewardship by building state of the art energy efficient buildings, and now by incorporating renewable energy, they are clearly leaders Solar Nation is proud to be associated with. Cold storage facilities simultaneously create opportunities and challenges for solar installations. Our engineering team identified these challenges and provided a unique solution for their non-penetrable insulated roofing system.” says Paul Hodge, CEO of Solar Nation.