Strikes At Multiple Ports In Chile Hurting Perishables Exports

Another week of strikes is likely to cost apple, berry and grape farmers up to $70 million according to fruit association Fedefruta.

The country of Chile is facing widespread port strikes, which have reportedly affected up to 14 ports since the original protest broke out in the northern port of Angamos in December. But many of the other striking ports in the southern, agricultural part of Chile has hit grape, apple and berry farmers right in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere's summer, and with news coming out last week that an extra week of strikes will cost fruit exporters around $70 million, according to fruit association Fedefruta.

The northern port of Angamos kicked off a stoppage in late December to protest for stronger union organizing rights. The labor action has spread since, with more Ports joining in solidarity and in protest for what they say is police brutality against the already striking workers. Some workers have since returned to work in Angamos, but only after police helped free up access to the port. 

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