Intermodal Association Launches Electronic Inspection Report System

Driver Vehicle Examination Report (DVER) pilot program designed and developed to provide faster handling of inspection report information.

The Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) recently held their Intermodal Expo, and at the event they announced the launch of an electronic method for faster reporting of intermodal chassis roadside inspection information reports aimed at identifying repairs that equipment providers should make to maintain a safe equipment fleet.

After four months of cooperation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the new electronic program known as the Driver Vehicle Examination Report (DVER) pilot program designed and developed to provide faster handling of inspection report information, which can include citations or confirm that no violations were found on the chassis. Until now, those reports only were done on paper and often not turned in by a driver to the chassis provider or the carrier.

The new approach moves the inspection information by e-mail directly to truckers and chassis providers, and is available to participants in IANA’s equipment registry and interchange programs, which are used by nearly all chassis providers and motor carriers. “More often than not, hard-copy reports remain undelivered, making it difficult for an [equipment provider] to meet the 15-day deadline for fixing any equipment deficiencies,” said the IANA in a statement announcing the new program.

FMCSA is proud to collaborate with IANA to move towards a more paperless roadside environment,” FMCSA Chief Safety Officer Jack Van Steenburg said in the statement. To read more, click HERE.