Florida To Invest $35 Million in Port Projects

Governor Rick Scott announces projects for the Port of Tampa, Port Everglades and Port Canaveral

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced at the American Association of Port Authority’s (AAPA) annual convention in Orlando last week that he will recommend the investment of $35 million for strategic port projects across the state to the Legislature for their upcoming session. Under the governor's proposal, Port Everglades would receive $14.7 million, Port of Tampa would get $10.4 million and Port Canaveral would get $9.7 million for development of a container yard.

“With this nearly $35 million commitment for critical port projects, we’ll enhance our ports’ ability to move more goods, which will position Florida to play an even greater role in global trade. Our strategy to make Florida the gateway for global trade is working,” Scott said.

The state of Florida has taken it's investment in their ports seriously, since just a month ago Scott approved a proposed bond issuance of $150 million to fund 16 other port projects. All told, Florida is funding more than $275 million directly on seaport projects, according to the governor’s office. To read more, click HERE.