GoScan App the Future of Manufacturer-Customer Communication

Award-winning smart device app that stores food and beverage data direct from manufacturers and brand owners is being called a "technological game changer" in Australia

Talking to members of the National Press Club on the topic of challenges and opportunities for Australia's food and grocery sector, Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC)  CEO Gary Dawson last week called the new GS1 GoScan smart device app a "game changer," and the type of new technology that regulators and policy makers should be focusing on as the future for how the food industry communicates directly to consumers rather than government regulating for more food and beverage product information on food labeling and packaging.

“The AFGC, working with GS1 Australia, embraced a new approach in the development of the GS1 GoScan app that enables consumers to scan a product barcode and get instant access to product information. It’s been a particular godsend for allergy sufferers, enabling the consumer to tailor alerts for particular allergens,” said Dawson. “But the application is just as relevant to traceability of ingredients, nutritional value, cultural sensitivities, even recipes. It’s a game changing technology offering a win-win for consumers, business and government. Regulators and policy makers need to be looking for these technology solutions.”

In August, GS1 Australia and the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) were awarded the winners of the prestigious national Consumer iAward for GS1 GoScan in the 2013 iAwards Services Domain Category for ICT innovation as well as the winners of the VIC iAwards Merit Recipient earlier in the year. GS1 GoScan is currently available for free download on the App Store, Samsung Apps and Google Play Store. To read more, click HERE.