Transport and Logistics Companies Increase Their Productivity with WKTS

Paris: The International Week of Transport and Logistics (SITL Europe) sees the official launch of the new Wolters Kluwer Transport Services (WKTS) integrated offering.

WKTS provides freight exchange services through the brands BursaTransport, Nolis and Teleroute, as well as Transport Management Systems via Transwide (TMS On Demand for shippers and carriers). With this new offering, WKTS is the only provider in the Transport & Logistics sector able to increase its client's productivity up to 15 percent.

The new WKTS integrated offering is a unique suite of solutions covering the whole supply chain, and addressing the client's workflow from end to end, i.e. from sourcing to administrative management. WKTS is the only provider of such an integrated offering in Europe.

"Actually, this integration brings advantages to all of our clients," said Raimundo Diaz, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services. "First, clients using freight exchanges can find freight more efficiently through an increased visibility of their postings and a larger capacity. Then, shippers using Transwide services will have their tenders accessible to the 18,000 Nolis and Teleroute users."

Through this new integrated offering, WKTS reaches out to a community of professionals in the Transport & Logistics sector of 40,000 companies and 100,000 users in Europe, whether they are shippers, forwarders or carriers, and regardless of their size. WKTS is now able to identify for each client the best combination of products and services from its different brands, in order to meet every client's needs. WKTS clients benefit from major economies of scale.

"Many of our clients are already working simultaneously with TMS and multiple freight exchanges from our group. They benefit from a 15 percent increase in productivity as well as a 25 percent improvement in additional cost management. We wanted to highlight the WKTS synergies during this year's SITL, and we believe this integration is a turning point in our contribution to the sector," added Raimundo Diaz.

In order to be even more efficient, supply chain companies need to modernize by using a TMS – only 30 percent of professionals use a TMS today – and by placing electronic orders (instead of fax orders) on freight exchanges for more safety. WKTS synergies will help implementing the group's best practices in all its services. As an example, the security of Teleroute freight exchange has been reinforced recently through various services as part of the Safe Market Place program. Freights are insured for free in case of theft through the e-Confirm service.

In 2011, the Teleroute Debt Mediation service solved 85 percent of payment disputes, recovering €1.3 million of unpaid invoices for its clients.