Low Speed Logistics Gets Electrified

Club Car launches a new electric truck for low-speed logistics, in between full-sized trucks and small utility vehicles.

Club Car Current
Club Car

Club Car partners with electric vehicle manufacturer AYRO, Inc. to create an electric low-speed logistics and cargo services to fit into the gap in between full-sized trucks and small utility vehicles. The new vehicle, Club Car Current, is designed for significant agility to help logistics transportation on campus and urban environments. Current is able to reach 25 miles per hour and allows logistics providers to reach direct point-of-demand locations. 

Per Club Car

  • The Club Car Current is available in three different bed configurations with a flat bed, pickup or van box to tackle any job. Special accessories such as ladder racks and lift gate further extend the use cases this vehicle can handle. With a range of up to 57 miles and 72V AC electric powertrain the Club Car Current is uniquely positioned for use as an all-purpose work vehicle.
  • Club Car Current also features a new modern exterior design with specially designed automotive body panels, LED lighting, new designed two-tone gray bucket seats, new cup holder design and location for those larger drink cups, upgraded 1000W heater, new 170 degree rear view camera, new backlit digital gear selector design, additional legroom, a rear window standard providing more ambient light, the latest software and VRLA gel battery technology providing improved performance and range.