Bacardi Sets New Sustainable Business Targets

Bacardi will be focusing on responsible sourcing, global packaging and operational efficiencies as part of their "Good Spirited" sustainability program.

Alcoholic drinks maker Bacardi recently announced it is expanding its sustainable business with new targets in three areas as a part of its "Good Spirited" global sustainability program.

The three areas Bacardi will be focusing on are: responsible sourcing, global packaging and operational efficiencies.

The company will have all of its raw materials and packaging from sustainable sourced, renewable or recycled materials. Its target is to source 40 percent of the sugarcane-derived products from certified, sustainable sources to produce Bacardi rum by 2017 and an expected 100 percent by 2022.

In order to maintain sustainability in its brand packaging and point-of-sale materials, Bacardi will utilize eco-design, and plans to reduce 10 percent weight in the packaging by 2017, followed by 15 percent by 2022.

The rum maker expects to reduce 55 percent of water usage and 50 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2017. It also plans to eliminate landfill waste at all of its production sites by 2022.

"Because we're a small Caribbean island with limited resources, we're always trying to find ways to be more sustainable and maximize the natural resources that are readily available," said Bacardi Puerto Rico project director Julio Torruella.

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