Farmland Acquires More Land To Meet Brentwood Creek's Sustainable Demand

The sustainable agriculture investment fund has acquired an additional 450 acres of farmland in Brentwood, California.

Farmland LP, a sustainable agriculture investment fund, announced last week that they have acquired an additional 450 acres of farmland in Brentwood, Contra Costa County, California, for the expansion of Farmland's existing Brentwood Creek Farm. The Brentwood Creek Farm now has over 1,560 acres and has increases its total farmland holdings in the San Francisco Bay Area's 50-mile foodshed to 5,800 acres.

In addition to crops such as tomatoes, corn, asparagus, and alfalfa, Brentwood Creek Farm's specialty pasture is used by Bill Niman's BN Ranch and other high quality producers to raise premium livestock.

"The demand for locally grown, sustainably produced, certified Organic food continues to increase. Through this acquisition, we will make more farmland available to sustainable farmers so they can meet the growing demand, while enhancing their economies of scale," said Craig Wichner, the co-founder and Managing Director of Farmland LP. "Applying our sustainable-agriculture management practices to these additional acres will not only increase the supply of healthy food, but help clean the water and air, sequester carbon in the soil, and create more jobs for the next generation of farmers and livestock managers." 

Founded in 2009, Farmland LP acquires conventional farmland and converts it to certified Organic, sustainable farmland. The company specializes in bringing livestock back onto cropland, where pastured animals enhance soil fertility and Organic crops follow in an ecologically beneficial and profitable crop rotation. 

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