Grocery Stores Use Harvester To Turn Food Scraps Into Fertilizer

The Harvester stores food waste on-site and grinds up to 4,000 pounds of scraps per day into a “nutrient-rich liquid.”

Two Washington state supermarket chains recent investment in industrial-size machines that turn food scraps including expired produce, moldy bread, and even raw meat trimmings, into a super rich plant fertilizer, and the Redmond-based company, WISErg,  who invented and manufactures the machines called "Harvesters" are starting to turn heads in a state known for its progressive, sustainable technology.

Much like the vats of used grease that sit behind most restaurants and grocery stores, the Harvester initially stores food waste on-site, grinding up to 4,000 pounds of scraps per day into a “nutrient-rich liquid,” according to the website. That material is then collected by WISErg and refined, using a proprietary process, into liquid fertilizer.

PCC Natural Markets, which installed Harvesters in its Issaqua and Redmond stores in 2012, has been selling the WISErganic fertilizer in its stores, and its customers apparently love it. The Bridle Trails Red Apple Market, which will soon launch the Harvester technology at its Kirkland store, will also sell bottles of the fertilizer.

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