UPS, AMP Americas to Expand LNG Fueling Stations

Both companies announce plans this week to expand natural gas infrastructure across the U.S.

Two well-known companies announced plans to invest big money to expand natural gas infrastructure across the U.S.

AMP Americas has signed a deal with Dairy Farmers of America and Select Milk Producers, both national dairy cooperatives, to work with their haulers to convert their fleets to compressed natural gas trucks. Combined, these co-ops produce more than 20 percent, or 40 billion pounds, of milk produced in America. As part of the agreement, AMP Americas and Trillium CNG will build seven public fueling stations between now and early 2014 throughout Texas. 

UPS also announced plans to invest about $50 million to build an additional nine liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations, bringing its total number of stations to 13. The company announced plans to build the first four LNG refueling stations back in April, and they also said they expect all 13 to be operational by the end of 2014. To read more, click HERE.