Airline Commits To Emissions Reductions

Monarch Airlines has selected Pratt & Whitney's fuel conservation program, EcoFlight Solutions, reaching a 5-year agreement.

The EcoFlight Solutions team has already commenced work with Monarch Airlines to develop and implement fuel- saving solutions for the airline's fleet of 32 aircraft. Pratt & Whitney is a United Technologies Corp. company.

"Monarch Airlines has been delighted with the success of the EcoPower\xAE engine wash service that commenced in 2011 and looks forward to taking part in Pratt & Whitney's EcoFlight Solutions fuel conservation program which further supports our commitment to continuously improving our environmental performance," said Mick Adams, managing director of Monarch Airlines. "In the last 15 years we improved our fuel efficiency significantly. We are working toward a goal of improving our fuel efficiency by an additional 3 to 5 percent by the end of 2015, and EcoFlight Solutions will help us achieve that goal."

"Pratt & Whitney is delighted to partner with Monarch Airlines to help them find new ways to save fuel and reduce operating costs with EcoFlight Solutions," said Mary Canty, general manager, Pratt & Whitney line maintenance services. "This innovative fuel conservation program is an elegant solution for airlines committed to reducing their carbon footprint while realizing significant savings."

A major part of The Monarch Group, Monarch Airlines operates a fleet of 32 aircraft on scheduled and charter flights from a number of UK airports, including Birmingham, Gatwick, London Luton and Manchester. Flying to more than 50 destinations worldwide, it carries around 6.5 million sector passengers every year. The airline is also a key supplier of aircraft and seats to the tour operating industry.

EcoFlight Solutions can typically save an airline 3 to 8 percent in fuel costs annually, even for airlines with fuel conservation programs already in place. Pratt & Whitney offers EcoFlight Solutions in collaboration with Flight Sciences International, a leading provider of fuel conservation programs, and Aviaso Inc., a leading provider of fuel efficiency software.

EcoFlight Solutions leverages Pratt & Whitney and Flight Sciences International's proven services, including aircraft fuel consumption optimization, EcoPower\xAE engine wash, advanced engine monitoring and line maintenance support -- all of which can help airlines reduce fuel consumption and improve environmental performance. Flight Sciences International is one of the leading providers of comprehensive fuel conservation programs for commercial airlines.

Since 1992, Flight Sciences has helped airlines worldwide to reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.