PACCAR Offers CARB-approved Diesel Particulate Filter

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Liberty Hill, TX and Palm Springs, CA: PACCAR Inc.'s parts dealers are now offering the company's Hug mobiclean R diesel particulate filter, an aftermarket passive regenerating diesel particulate filter approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for installation and use in a wide variety of Class 7 and Class 8 trucks.

PACCAR Parts will distribute the devices through its Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers in the United States and Canada.

The mobiclean R system provides effective emission reductions of diesel particulate matter by at least 85 percent and is designated as a California Level 3 Plus system. It is approved for use on heavy-duty trucks from 3.4 to 16 liters (100 to 600 horsepower) model year 1991-2006 in a number of on-highway applications, regardless of manufacturer. Hug diesel particulate filters are compliant with both US EPA and CARB requirements to provide maximum PM emission reductions for a wide range of on-road diesel applications.

"This new agreement with PACCAR Parts allows us to market our filters throughout the whole country and especially to all truck operators that haul goods into California and need to meet CARB's new emission regulations," said Peter Bruenke, director sales & marketing.

Common diesel particulate filter require ash removal at periodic intervals based on the truck's duty cycle, sometimes as often as 2-3 times a year to prevent plugging of the filter. The Hug Filtersystems mobiclean R filter does not require any filter cleaning due to its sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities and is basically maintenance-free.

"New and improved product design combined with our exceptional 'CleanCoat' catalyst allow us to introduce the DPF with the lowest temperature requirements of the industry," Bruenke added. "With temperature requirements of only 200° C / 392° F for 15 percent of the time in a duty cycle, our DPF's are the best available technology for any fleet." This allows Hug to deploy its filters to any type of on-road diesel truck without worrying about changes in duty cycle and reducing the need for using more expensive active diesel particulate filter systems. Owners/operators of school buses, municipal utility trucks, waste haulers and other vehicles that operate in stop-and-go city traffic no longer have to worry about plugged filters.

"We are excited to offer our mobiclean R filters through the PACCAR network and to make this outstanding DPF available to fleets throughout the United States and Canada," added Heiri Hafner, managing director.

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