Finnair to Focus on Asian Routes to Cut Emissions

Helsinki: Nordic airplane carrier Finnair has said it will focus on increasing traffic between Europe and Asia, where it offers the shortest routes, to lessen global warming pollution from aviation.

"Finnair is focusing on traffic between Europe and Asia where we are able to offer the fastest, most direct and therefore lowest emission routes," the carrier said.

"We take environmental aspects into account. We systematically gather and assess information about the environmental impact of the services we provide," Kati Ihamaki, vice president, sustainable development, said in a statement.

"Sustainability and corporate responsibility play into every aspect of Finnair's business," said Ihamaki.

The report said the airline was recycling more than 60 percent of the in-flight waste and was focusing on recycling used glass, paper and metals.

"On our flights, we have sorted aluminum, glass and collect energy waste which can be used as an industrial energy source. The proportion of recycling of waste has risen to more than 60 percent in Finnair Group."

Finnair first started to report on environmental sustainability in 1997, and in 2008 became one of the first airlines to report according to global reporting initiative guidelines.


Source: MyNews Interactive Media