Ryder Enhances Alternative Fuels Website

Ryder System Inc. has enhanced its alternative fuels website at www.ryder.com/alternativefuels by making new tools and video training available to customers and fleet owners who want to take advantage of the cost-saving and sustainable benefits of running commercial natural-gas vehicles (NGVs).

The enhancements include an interactive Fuel Cost Savings Calculator that allows customers to compare fuel costs between diesel- and natural gas-powered commercial vehicles based on their business' driving habits in real time. A searchable Refueling and Maintenance Station Locator function has also been added, along with new Instructional Training Videos for natural gas fueling.

Ryder said site visitors can use the Fuel Cost Savings Calculator to calculate their potential savings when using a heavy-duty natural gas-powered vehicle vs. a traditional diesel-powered one. A fleet manager selects a few basic metrics – current mpg, local price of diesel and natural gas, and average miles driven per year – and then can instantly see estimated annual fuel cost savings.

"As a leader in alternative fuel solutions for commercial fleets, we continue to leverage our expertise and experience in the marketplace to educate businesses about the advantages of new, cleaner and more efficient vehicle technologies," said John Gleason, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing for Ryder Fleet Management Solutions.

 "The enhanced alternative fuels website demonstrates Ryder's commitment to innovation by making compelling information about the cost-saving and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicles easily accessible to customers, fleet owners, and the general public," he added.