Fresh & Easy Expanding 'Farm to Store In 24' Program

Partnerships with local growers bring produce to stores in 24 hours or less.

El Segundo, CA: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is expanding its popular "Farm to Store in 24" program, bringing more produce from California farms to its stores in less than 24 hours.

The grocer is working with local growers to bring additional fruit such as peaches and nectarines as well as vegetables into the program as summer turns to fall.

Fresh & Easy's "Farm to Store in 24" program started with a simple concept: getting the freshest produce possible to its customers in the shortest amount of time. In choosing partners for the program, Fresh & Easy's produce team identified local growers who share the grocer's passion and commitment to bring customers high-quality food at affordable prices.

All "Farm to Store in 24" products come from California farms, and depending on the season, as much as 65% of all of Fresh & Easy's produce comes from California.

"Getting produce from the farm to the store in 24 hours or less is an incredibly tricky task, which makes it important to partner with strong local growers who share our commitment to quality produce," saysJustin Hill, Fresh & Easy's produce manager. "We are working closely with these growers here to put in the extra care required to expand our 'Farm to Store in 24' offerings whenever we can."

This summer Fresh & Easy has been offering strawberries and table grapes through the "Farm to Store in 24" program. With the table grape season in the Coachella Valley wrapping up, Fresh & Easy is now getting "Farm to Store" grapes from Pandol Bros. in Delano. Andrew & Williamson (A&W) grows strawberries for the program in Ventura County and Watsonville, always within sight of the Pacific Ocean. San Diego-based A&W is family-owned and operated.

To let customers know when produce is available on shelves within 24 hours from leaving the farm where it's grown, Fresh & Easy places a special logo on "Farm to Store in 24" products. The company also recently created a video about the program, available to view on YouTube: