Microsoft Copilot for Agriculture Space

Microsoft launched new Microsoft Copilot templates, empowering organizations to build agriculture copilots with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

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Andrey Popov AdobeStock_362224432

Microsoft launched new Microsoft Copilot templates, empowering organizations to build agriculture copilots with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. The copilot templates are an evolution of a previously announced agriculture LLM APIs, enabling more data source inputs and expand capabilities for broader use cases.

“AI and automation are helping farms of all sizes produce more while using fewer natural resources, and we’re starting to see how they can enhance decision-making on almost any plot of land,” says Ranveer Chandra, managing director, research for industry and chief technology officer, agri-food, Microsoft.

Key takeaways:

  • Leveraging planning and observational data from Azure Data Manager for agriculture and legacy data sources, the copilots deliver insights to farmers and others on topics like disease risks, yield forecasts, labor needs, crop protection, weather impacts on crops, and harvest windows.
  • Organizations can extend their copilot use cases to many roles and scenarios along the agriculture value chain, from insurance agents to agronomists and beyond. Users can seek answers to help optimize crop management, minimize environmental impacts, maximize agricultural productivity, and more.