TMS Empowers Brokers to Conquer Supply Chain Chaos

MVMNT debuted its brokerage-first transportation management system, designed to address intricate shipper challenges.

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MVMNT debuted its brokerage-first transportation management system (TMS), designed to address intricate shipper challenges.

“The freight brokerage industry is undergoing a great reshuffling. Large, well-funded brokers have gone out of business, and the incumbents in the space have had a mixed record over the past three years. Freight brokers who focus on applying technology to 3 times, 5 times, or 10 times the capabilities of their brokerage talent pool will have a bright future,” says Andy Tomka, head of innovation at MVMNT. “At MVMNT, we're more than just a TMS provider; we help brokers book 3x more loads and win customers. In an industry frequently slowed down by over-complicated systems, our focus is sharply on cutting through the noise to enhance efficiency and significantly boost profit margins for growing brokerages.”


Key takeaways:

  •  The enterprise-level TMS solution is accessible to all brokerages, marking a significant leap forward in leveling the playing field, opening access to cutting-edge tech for a broader spectrum of brokerages.
  • MVMNT's TMS centralizes key functionalities into a single, powerful system. This all-in-one platform adeptly manages “supply chain chaos” from TONU and multi-stop orders to intricate shipment handling. Its integrated CRM is specifically tailored for the brokerage deal flow, streamlining prospect and customer interaction within the same system.
  • Furthermore, the Carrier Compliance suite enhances carrier relationships and reduces fraud seamlessly embedded within the TMS.