Growth of Warehousing Industry Prompts New WMS

Pivotree releases a new WMS that focuses on frictionless operation, as it is able to support with numerous brands and warehouses on a single, shared SaaS infrastructure.

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Commerce technology provider Pivotree moves into the warehousing industry, as the demand for collaborative technology and visibility grows. A new warehouse managing system (WMS) will integrate with Pivotree's other commerce platforms to focus on the visibility and frictionless side of warehouse technology. The system is meant to support multiple brands and warehouses in an optimized manner. 

"Our Supply Chain WMS customers spoke, and we listened. With the launch of our own SaaS-based WMS platform, we will be able to simplify integrations while we seamlessly deliver a functionally rich, scalable, WMS solution," said Jim Brochu, General Manager, Supply Chain, Pivotree. "By leveraging modern analytics and user experience, our customers achieve over a 20% reduction in labor costs and technology spend over legacy platforms. We're also partnering with leading AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and IoT companies to create an open ecosystem of fulfillment innovators."

Per PR Newswire

  • With this most recent expansion of services and reinvestment in WMS to complement OMS (Order Management System) implementation solutions, Pivotree continues its leading role in supporting customers across the entirety of their frictionless commerce and supply chain digital transformation journey. The improved system increases warehouse operations efficiency through a flexible, headless technical stack and compostable architecture.