POW for the Mobile Sales Force

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Ai2’s Pocket OrderWriter® (POW®) software solution provides your  mobile field sales force with the information and tools they need to be consultative and add value during a sales call.   This critical information will empower your sales team to increase sales and improve productivity.  POW helps you take advantage of all the capabilities of the Windows Mobile operating system.  POW provides the functionality needed so the sales rep can evaluate product distribution at the customer level,  generate orders, process return requests, print labels and receipts and more. 

POW successfully manages the complexity of taking orders in a way that increases sales, minimizes order processing costs and times, and ensures 100% data accuracy.  POW replaces any outdated data collection    device and eliminates the expense of printing weekly order guides, A/R information, and other bulky binders and papers that sales reps carry today.  Find and recommend products at the moment the customer is most likely to buy. 


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