Eagle Eye and dunnhumby Deliver Personalization at Scale for Southeastern Grocers

Eagle Eye Solutions and dunnhumby are collaborating to enable the personalization of promotions for Southeastern Grocers Inc. (SEG) and provide the retailer with a deeper understanding of its customers' behaviors and preferences.

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Eagle Eye Solutions and dunnhumby are collaborating to enable the personalization of promotions for Southeastern Grocers Inc. (SEG) and provide the retailer with a deeper understanding of its customers' behaviors and preferences. 

As part of Southeastern Grocers' journey to become a digitally enabled, omni-channel retailer, the grocer is investing to serve the needs of different customer groups and at the individual consumer level. After launching the first phase of Southeastern Grocers' omni-channel strategy in July 2020 to enable the coupons-at-receipt channel, Eagle Eye is now working with dunnhumby to improve the retailer's effectiveness of promotions across multiple channels and grow shopper loyalty. 

"Our commitment to providing our customers value has never been greater or more important in today's environment. We are working hard to ensure our offers and promotions are as relevant as possible to each customer by tailoring to their spending habits and day-to-day needs," says Adam Kirk, SVP of Marketing at Southeastern Grocers. 

The ability to personalize grocer and CPG brand offers and drive effective one-to-one marketing 

at scale has been a long-standing challenge for retail marketers, primarily due to a lack of connected customer data and digital marketing infrastructure that can process and analyze millions of customer transactions in real time. Eagle Eye's AIR Platform powers the interactions and processing of shopper data; dunnhumby's customer data science and technology analyzes that data to determine which offers are most relevant to specific shoppers and most likely to deliver sales outcomes. 

"Achieving personalization at the scale required for retailers to successfully compete for the hearts, minds, and wallets of shoppers depends on having all customer data connected with insights available in a single place. Working with Eagle Eye, we can provide SEG with intelligent analysis and recommendations to best engage with their customers to drive optimal results," says Jose Gomes, President of North America, for dunnhumby. 

Knowing which customer cohorts are likely to respond to specific deals and CPG brand offers — right down to availability at specific locations or time of day — increases promotional effectiveness and incremental spend. The collaboration paves the way for Southeastern Grocers to offer targeted promotions and rewards through its mobile app and website, and drive sales growth strategically and sustainably.  

"With dunnhumby, we've accelerated execution on Southeastern Grocers' retail vision and are on track to deliver a complete omni-channel strategy in record time. Our culture of rapid innovation and the speed of implementation to date means the retailer can get much more out of the customer data they already have," says Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye. "Now, Southeastern Grocers can connect new channels and data to grow share of wallet by understanding customers' preferences and habits. By collaborating with dunnhumby, we can deliver offers designed to drive one more product per visit, one more item per basket, or one more visit per customer, ultimately delivering an uplift in sales."