Procurant Expands Operations to Launch Produce Traceability Solution

Procurant uses technology to track the origin and distribution of fresh produce from far to consumer.

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Procurant Trace tracks the origin and distribution of fresh produce from farm to consumer to enhance trust and safety across the food supply chain.

Procurant, a Silicon Valley technology company transforming the global food supply chain, announced the creation of a new customer innovation center and the release of Procurant Trace, a mobile, cloud-based service that enables accurate product identification, even in the harshest of packing environments.

“Our products will help our clients improve their operations, reduce cost and meet the demand for safe and traceable food.”

“With this new innovation center and traceability product line added to our suite of order and task management products, Procurant is bringing together the enormous potential of a fully integrated food supply chain. We are excited to offer these new capabilities to our customers, and to have operations right in the heart of one of the most important growing regions in the country,” said Eric Peters, CEO, Procurant.

The new traceability product will be supported from Procurant’s new customer innovation and support center in Watsonville, CA. In addition to providing customer support and maintenance services, the innovation center will serve as a showcase for the latest supply chain technology for the fresh food industry and allow customers to see and interact with a variety Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors to improve food safety and quality.

“The industry continues to demand improvements in the areas of traceability and Procurant Trace is the latest in a series of products and features we are rolling out to our supply chain customers,” said Ray Connelly, Vice President Supplier Strategy, Procurant. “Our products will help our clients improve their operations, reduce cost and meet the demand for safe and traceable food.”

Procurant Trace is a product identification system providing the tools and data for a fully integrated and traceable supply chain. Procurant Trace features include:

  • Mobile case labeling and field logistics
  • Integration with existing software systems, including the ProcurantOne order management platform
  • Functionality across a network of harvest crews and field transportation companies regardless of the brand, production operation or warehouse location.
  • Multilingual, intuitive and simple to use for all field personnel

Procurant Trace is part of a continuum of solutions from Procurant that leverage a single, global platform designed for the unique requirements of the food industry. All Procurant solutions benefit from the strengths of a shared infrastructure that includes:

  • Scalability at consumer performance levels on all layers, from the user interface to business logic to storage.
  • Mobile functionality as an integral part of the platform, with a focus on managing by exception.
  • Blockchain optimized with a hybrid approach that flexibly interacts with multiple blockchain platforms.

The result is a platform that helps farmers, producers, shippers, distributors and retailers in their strategic planning as well as their day-to-day supply chain processes.

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