Sensitech Inc. Introduces New SensiWatch Platform for End-to-End Real-Time In-Transit Visibility

Sensitech builds on this legacy with the announcement of a new state-of-the-art, end-to-end, real-time in-transit visibility solution – the SensiWatchTM Platform.

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For 30 years, Sensitech Inc. has helped leading companies in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial and consumer goods segments deliver higher-quality products, ensure consumer safety, comply with rigorous regulatory requirements, protect brand equity, and increase profitability. Today, Sensitech builds on this legacy with the announcement of a new state-of-the-art, end-to-end, real-time in-transit visibility solution – the SensiWatchTM Platform. 

The SensiWatch Platform, which leverages innovative IoT data-collection instruments and advanced data-management tools, will ensure a single end-to-end view into customers’ supply chains. Leading with a user-centric design, the Platform includes a data warehouse, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integrating with existing customer applications and third-party data sources, multiple levels of reporting and real-time analytics.

“This integrated approach will improve customer responsiveness through the continuous delivery of information via our cloud-based platform and its accompanying mobile support,” said Steve DiRubio, chief operating officer, Sensitech. “Further, the SensiWatch Platform is solution-focused and specifically designed to meet the needs of each segment of the supply chain.”

The Platform supports global in-transit inbound logistics (shipper to destination) and outbound logistics (multiple-stop distribution) shipments. In each case, the solutions are easy to implement and the cargo is monitored continuously, sending operational and actionable information to the cloud. Alerts and notifications provide users with updates on the product’s condition before it arrives at its destination, enabling early intervention for addressable issues.

Real-time updates on temperature, light, humidity and location can be attained every five minutes for up-to-date in-transit information. The SensiWatch Platform’s 

analytics provide real-time analytics with machine learning algorithms. Basic reporting includes Supplier Network Overview, Segment Performance, Supplier and Carrier 

Compliance. Advanced reporting includes: Estimated Time to Arrival, Dwell Times, Simulated Product Temperature, Lane Risk Analytics, Weather Impact, and Crime Risk.

Since the company’s inception 30 years ago, delivering data-driven decision making capabilities to customers has been a critical component of Sensitech’s solutions.

Utilizing cold chain data to drive process improvement and reduce costs was a concept Sensitech pioneered in its early days,” said DiRubio. “We have relied on the  talent of many individuals to reach this milestone – experts in cold chain, supply chain logistics, and industrial engineers alongside people with experience and creativity to deliver real value to customers.”