Supplyshark Gives Agriculture Industry a New Way to Connect to Buyers in Wake of Food Supply Chain Disruption

Supplyshark has stepped forward to provide a new way for those in the agriculture industry to connect to buyers and vice versa.

Johny Goerend Xa Sm1 R157v I Unsplash

COVID-19 has left few unscathed in its path of destruction. Arguably though, farmers are among those hardest-hit when it comes to the associated breakdown in the nation’s food supply chain. But as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, Supplyshark has stepped forward to provide a new way for those in the agriculture industry to connect to buyers and vice versa. The organization is offering a free 90-day subscription during the pandemic to show support to farmers and other suppliers.

SupplyShark is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect on their own terms. Buyers browse product and service listings and contact suppliers directly for free. The Agriculture & Farm category covers everything from animal products and feed, to pest control and soil prep, to plants and timber, to seafood and fruit – even irrigation. A few of the current listings on the product side include Chickens, Corn Hybrid Seeds, Honeycrisp Apples, Alfalfa Hay Bales, and a Mini-Wheeled Skid Steer; while listings on the ag services side include Heavy Equipment Repair, Landscaping, Auctions and more.

Purchases are not made through Supplyshark, which means users can negotiate their own pricing. Supplyshark instead offers subscription options to sellers with features that range in price from $99 to $299 a month. A basic company listing is free.

A project clipboard lets users set up projects, find needed products or services, determine quantities, store supplier information, and manage the associated budget. The Supplyshark Opportunity Board lets buyers post what they are looking for and suppliers can respond. The site even has a Forum where users can interact with others in their industry to share finds, seek help with projects, and get and give advice.

“With restaurants, concessions, schools and hotels closed or operating at lesser capacities, farmers have been devastated by the loss in demand for their products and it has had a ripple effect into other agriculture niches like equipment sales, animal feed and on and on,” said Megan Johnston, co-founder, Supplyshark. “Based on our experience and knowledge of the supply side, we created a collaborative service that makes it easier for them to find new buyers and adapt to the new normal.”