Chaac Technologies Creates Sustainable Utility Grid

Later on this year, Chaac Technologies will start production on its sustainable and distributed utility grid projected to hit the market in 2021.

Chaac Technologies

The solution to the biggest barriers in the current food crisis is here thanks to Chaac Technologies, which has created the technology for a sustainable and distributed utility grid. Chaac’s novel technology extracts water and power directly from the atmosphere with a patent-pending, environmentally friendly and affordable system for commercial agriculture and farming businesses.

Slated for first production in late 2020, the company is finalizing contracts with three-plus major agribusiness providers to produce fresh water, electricity, heat and compressed air for commercial farms and agricultural business. When integrated into greenhouse infrastructure, the system can also regulate airflow and temperature to enhance and sustain healthy crop production.

The company anticipates broad market availability in 2021.

“Our technology removes the utility barriers that prevent farmers and growers from producing the food we need, particularly in areas where it hasn’t been feasible or practical before,” said Jake Hammock, Chaac Technologies co-founder and CEO. “Our technology draws water from the air to create renewable energy from pneumatic power generation, which could be of vital use in helping to resolve the growing food crisis within the U.S.”

The Chaac solution also helps communities breathe easier, thanks to a process for water and energy production that doesn’t produce carbon and removes solid waste particulates from the air, Hammock said.

Where can it be used?

Every grower and agricultural provider requires water, power and air. Chaac’s Distributed Grid Utility System is transportable, adaptable and produces all three in high quantity, on-demand and at an affordable cost.

Growers can tailor their off-grid technology for multiple uses, such as commercial facilities or agricultural development. It is ideal for anyone seeking a sole-source, on-demand utility solution.

How does it work?

Customers can use renewable energy or any other energy source to initiate the operation. Chaac’s patented and patent-pending product compresses ambient air in any location with 40 percent or higher humidity, and squeezes out the water, like a sponge, in four steps:

  1. The mechanism forces air into a smaller volume, which increases the pressure and the temperature of the air.
  2. The compressed air grows warmer as the pressure increases.
  3. Lower-temperature ambient air cools the hot compressed air.
  4. Finally, a small decrease in temperature puts the compressed air in a saturated state, allowing full separation of air and water.

The pure water is now available for use and the excess energy and heat can return to the system or move to the grid. Additionally, commercial and industrial developers could ultimately use the technology to convert buildings and infrastructure into micro-substations that produce added power during water generation process that building owners could move to the grid to save or to sell.

What’s next?

Chaac Technologies is finalizing two significant partnerships to fund the company’s next phase. Additional investment opportunities are available to accelerate ability to bring the technology to market at optimal speed.

“Chaac is taking on two of the major challenges to sufficient generation of food: energy poverty and water scarcity,” said Sam Kimzey, Chaac co-founder and COO. “This technology will be a game-changer to support agribusiness in addressing the food supply shortage. It will also support this multi-trillion dollar market in bringing these resources to places that have not had access before.”