ProGlove collaborates with Samsung to meet demand for wearable scanners

ProGlove is collaborating with Samsung Electronics America announced a combined product solution that will address the growing need for wearable scanners.

Galaxy X Cover Pro
Samsung Electronics America

ProGlove is collaborating with Samsung Electronics America announced a combined product solution that will address the growing need for wearable scanners in industries ranging from retail, transportation, logistics and manufacturing. The combined solution consists of ProGlove’s MARK product family of wearable barcode scanners and Samsung’s latest ruggedized smartphone for business — the Galaxy XCover Pro — providing enterprise users a seamless, secure flow of information, enabling consistent traceability and increased user comfort. 

When using the joint solution, mobile workers effectively have the information they need at their fingertips and can enter requested data into their IT systems on-the-go. By removing the need for firstline workers to return to stationary terminals to conduct business, memorize directions or pick up conventional scanner guns, efficiency and user comfort increases while user error decreases.

The Android-based Galaxy XCover Pro is a sleek, light and stylish smartphone that is built tough for harsh environments, while offering first-line workers a single device that can perform multiple tasks at once. It provides confidence for tackling any job, in any place and in any type of condition – whether working out in the field during extreme weather or at an indoors manufacturing site. Moreover, a big and bright 6.3” screen provides high-quality viewing when looking at charts, presentations or schematics.

Other capabilities include an enhanced touchscreen able to work in any condition, ‘enhanced touch’ for gloves-on use in wet conditions, and multiple programmable keys to conveniently create custom actions with one click. By leveraging the powerful Samsung Knox platform users can also increase data security while improving worker’s guidance.

Barcode scanning is an important function with regards to documenting process steps and ensuring traceability – an essential part of tracking and tracing a product through the supply chain. With this Samsung collaboration, ProGlove provides a classic example of technology built around the human worker, providing a next-generation scanning solution that is easy to deploy, reliable in use, and dramatically cuts scanning time and reduces picking errors by its refined worker’s feedback.

ProGlove’s worker feedback provides a combination of haptic, visual and audio signals to confirm correct picks and identify wrong picks when items are scanned. The company’s MARK family is in use at some of the world’s most renowned global industrial brands such as BMW, Bosch, and Lufthansa Technik. MARK is completely hands-free, and roughly the size of a matchbox; making it the world’s lightest and smallest barcode scanner.