Wyoming Ranchers Seek Transparency with Blockchain

Ranchers are using blockchain tags to keep their cattle separate all the way through processing.

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Wyoming ranchers Bonita Carlson and her fiancée Drew Perrson are betting big on blockchain, with the help of tech startup BeefChain.

"The unique methodology that each ranch uses ... what grass their fed on, that's all lost and consequently ranchers are getting pennies on the dollar," explains BeefChain CEO Rob Jennings.

Carlson and Perrson, who recently tagged 250 steer calves at their ranch with blockchain tags at a cost of $5 per tag, hope that by using these tags and keeping their cattle separate all the way through processing they can increase the value of their cattle by ten to 20 percent.

The idea is that the data from that tag would stay with the beef all the way to the shelf, so a consumer could scan a code and see the information. In fact, this level of transparency has become essential in international markets. 

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